Olive Tree, Symbol of Fertility

In ancient Greece, the olive tree, which was the symbol of health, fertility, abundance and peace, was referred to as the symbol of a beautiful life, inspired by mythology, just like Frea. We have carefully prepared for you bottles filled with inspiration from this sacred story of the olive tree, the symbol of the cycle of nature and eternal life.

Immediately after collecting the olives gifted to us by nature, we process them with the cold pressing (max. 27 degrees) technique and offer them to you to turn your meals into a feast with high quality control standards.


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As the Olive Tree Bears Fruit, Human Beings Became Purified with Health

Consuming Frea Naturalz Olive Oil varieties containing high polyphenols has many benefits for your body. Polyphenols act as antioxidants when entered into the body. Using it regularly will help you keep your cholesterol level within safe limits.

  • Frea has chosen fresh tomatoes that will add flavor to your meals from the most fertile lands for you. You will feel the scent of the village tomato obtained from the fertile lands of Ayaş, with its taste dating back half a century, as soon as you open the lid.

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