Frea Naturalz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil producers try to process this miraculous, delicate golden liquid under as natural conditions as possible; because light, heat, air and water contact causes olive oil to lose its beneficial properties. The olive that has not yet been plucked from its branch and is still on the tree is easily affected by any negative event. This is automatically reflected in the quality of the olive oil.

Therefore, the process that covers all the details, starting from the tree to how the oil is processed and even stored, leaves its mark on the quality of olive oil. These traces can then be detected through chemical and sensory analysis. Products that meet the quality standards as a result of the analysis are bottled and offered for sale as Frea Naturalz Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Bitter and burning taste is felt predominantly in early harvest olive oils; Because plucking the olive fruit before it ripens or processes it will cause the olive oil to leave an astringent and bitter taste in your mouth. Although this creates a unique taste experience for adult gourmets, these oils, which contain high amounts of polyphenols, may not suit the tastes of babies, children and young people. It may also cause allergic reactions, especially in children with sensitive bodies.

Frea Naturalz For Kids, specially produced for babies and children, is made from olives, which are specific to the Aegean region and contain low polyphenols. For this special olive oil, where fruitiness is at the forefront and bitterness and spiciness are felt slightly, olives are harvested just in time and then processed with great skill. It takes its place on the table after being decorated with colorful packaging to add fun to consumption. The secret of the taste of this olive oil is hidden in the timely harvesting of the olives grown with great expertise under the most natural conditions and then processing them without losing the vitamins and other nutritional substances they contain.
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