Olive Oil is a Miraculous Food for Babies and Children!

Did you know that breast milk and olive oil, which differ from each other in taste, smell and consistency, have many similar nutritional properties?

Frea Naturalz For Kids Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 in a similar ratio to breast milk. Linoleic acid, found in equal amounts in both, strengthens the myelin sheath at nerve endings and supports brain development. These fatty acids, which are considered essential, are nutrients that cannot be synthesized in the human body, but can be obtained through a personal nutrition program.

Similar to breast milk, olive oil is easy to digest. Frea Naturalz For Kids Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil regulates stomach and intestinal movements and prevents constipation and colic. In addition, it helps the absorption of vitamin D, which is vital for growing babies and children. It regulates calcium and phosphorus in the body and supports the absorption of minerals necessary for bone development. Experts state that olive oil should be consumed regularly for healthy bone development, which is very important in childhood.

Studies have proven that consuming olive oil protects bones against the risk of fracture. Regarding the subject, doctors explain that this miraculous food, which has a thousand benefits, should be consumed by everyone, including expectant mothers, babies and children. Especially for weaned babies, a teaspoon of Frea Naturalz For Kids Extra Virgin Olive Oil added to each meal will provide many benefits to their development process.

Olive oil, which is friendly to digestion, contains a natural anti-inflammatory substance "oleuropein", which is also widely used in painkillers. For this reason, Frea Naturalz For Kids Extra Virgin olive oil added to the milk of babies with colic problems will help relieve pain. Data obtained as a result of research conducted in recent years show that one in every three children between the ages of 6-9 is faced with obesity and cholesterol problems. On the other hand, consuming Frea Naturalz For Kids Extra Virgin Olive Oil regularly will help reduce the cholesterol level in the blood and regulate LDL-cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The first of the basic measures that can be taken to combat the increasing risk of obesity today is to replace animal fats in the diet with olive oil.

It has been understood that the risk of asthma is lower in mothers who consume olive oil regularly throughout pregnancy. Therefore, it can be said that consuming Frea Naturalz For Kids Extra Virgin Olive Oil is beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as for babies and children.

Studies have proven that babies who include olive oil in their diet have a stronger immune system. It has also been understood that these babies have a lower risk of rhinitis and allergies. Since olive oil reminds us of breast milk, it makes not only babies and children happy, but people of all ages. Frea Naturalz For Kids olive oil, specially produced for babies and children, is more than a quality product dedicated to young generations, it acts as a shield that protects their health. The acidity rate of this extra virgin olive oil, which is 100 percent natural, is below 0.3%. No chemicals were used in its production, and it is suitable for children's taste; It has a light aroma.
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