ALEM - Frea Naturalz Invitation (13.06.2023)

Frea Naturalz Invitation (

Frea Naturalz Invitation

Frea Naturalz, the food brand created with the mission of 'From Soil to Table' and a new look at Antakya's gastronomy culture, was introduced with a tasting invitation. The products of the brand, which prioritizes hidden, local flavors, were met with appreciation.

Pervin Ersoy, Naz Demirkılıç, Bilge Kuru

Frea Naturalz Invitation

Approaching Antakya's gastronomy culture from a new perspective, Dr. Naz Demirkılıç introduced the Frea Naturalz brand, which she created by combining her knowledge and experience in food and beverage with her deep-rooted family culture, with a tasting invitation.

Ebru Ceylan, Aslı Sipahi
Frea Naturalz Invitation
Many names from social life attended the invitation held at Delicatessen Etiler, hosted by Projehane. Many names, including Pervin Ersoy, Bilge Kuru, Revna Demirören and Ebru Ceylan, took part in the invitation. Dr. tells the story of his brand to his guests. Naz Demirkılıç said, "We only bring to your table foods that are in season, unadulterated, not genetically modified and grown in their own soil.
Revna Demirören
Frea Naturalz Invitation
In order to make all our products under the roof of our brand both special and sustainable; We prioritize local, hidden flavors inherited from our ancestors. "We continue to develop new recipes and original content with the mission of 'From Soil to Table'," he said.
Emel Oysal
Frea Naturalz Invitation
The guests tasted and experienced the brand's products. The brand's flavors such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil obtained from olive trees in Hatay and pomegranate syrup without added sugar were appreciated.
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