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Frea Naturalz

Olive Salad with Dried Tomatoes and Peppers

Olive Salad with Dried Tomatoes and Peppers

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Would you like to experience a unique salad that brings together olives collected with great effort every autumn and tomatoes with a centuries-old flavor? There is healing in every part of the olive tree, from its roots to its leaves and fruits. In addition to being a very powerful antioxidant; In fact, it is a defense mechanism created by the tree against external damage and diseases. Frea Naturalz creates a perfect plate with the oldest fruits and vegetables in human history. You will love the taste of olives, dried tomatoes and walnuts combined with various spices. We wanted to offer you a delicious option so that you can benefit from all kinds of healing benefits of olives and we produced Frea Naturalz Olive Salad.

Ingredients: Green Olives, Dried Tomatoes, Thyme, Rock Salt, Dried Pepper, Walnuts, Olive Oil, Garlic, Cumin

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